About Us

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Students Organize for Syria is the national student-led movement for Syria. We are an apolitical, non-profit organization working to spread awareness on the humanitarian crisis in Syria and provide aid to those affected through educational campaigns, advocacy and solidarity efforts, and fundraising.

Students Organize for Syria is the only national student organization that solely focuses its efforts on the crisis in Syria. 

The situation in Syria has resulted in over 500,000 deaths and the displacement of 120 million Syrians from their homes. It has been classified by the United Nations as “the biggest humanitarian and refugee crisis of our time.” We as students believe it is our civic duty to ensure that the ongoing crisis remains at the forefront of public discussion. 

SOS has partnered with other organizations for its national conferences and other campaigns, including Karam Foundation, the Syrian American Council, and the Syrian Community Network. In 2017, SOS was awarded the Organization of the Year Award by the Syrian American Medical Society.