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Students Organize for Syria (SOS) is the student-led movement for Syria. We exist to assist the Syrian people in their effort to build a self-determined, pluralistic society by standing in solidarity with them, raising awareness of their cause, and helping to alleviate the current humanitarian crisis in Syria. We believe that students are the educated individuals who are key to this effort and so, we are mobilizing like- minded, ambitious students at campuses nationally to #organize4syria. Student activism is a vital tool for social change and together, we can make a difference.

Students Organize for Syria is the student-led initiative for Syria.

The situation in Syria has resulted in over 190,000 deaths and the displacement of 10 million Syrians from their homes. It has been classified by the United Nations as “the biggest humanitarian emergency of our era”. With no clear end in sight, it is essential that the situation in Syria has a student voice.


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