Who We Are

We are a diverse group of students from over 30 campuses across the United States, all organizing for Syria through national campaigns and individualized chapter events.

Our Beginnings

Students Organize for Syria formed out of the joining of two separate student-led initiatives: Save Our Syrian Freedom based at Arizona State University and Students for Syrian Relief based at Yale University.

Save Our Syrian Freedom was founded at ASU in 2012 with the goal of raising awareness about the Syrian Revolution and the people’s fight for freedom while promoting philanthropy for a grave humanitarian crisis. For two years, SOS Freedom continuously flourished as a club at ASU through the work of its members and officers, and their ability to work with existing student organizations and large non-profit organizations. While educating the public, SOS Freedom has raised humanitarian aid for Syrian refugees, orphans, and internally displaced people. SOS Freedom formed connections with student activists nationally through online campaigns and joint events held across the United States and used those connections to form SOS. You can learn more about SOS Freedom here.

Students for Syrian Relief was founded in 2013 and formed following a fundraising trip taken by students from Yale, Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Texas and the Netherlands to the Turkey-Syria border. The organization’s aim was to connect students internationally with relief projects on the ground, methods of raising awareness globally on the conflict, and fundraising opportunities. Since its founding, SSR established connections with student activists interested in supporting the Syrian cause across the Ivy universities and at other U.S. campuses with the ultimate goal of networking and engaging these students with projects that substantially contribute to relief and awareness efforts.

Students Organize for Syria sprouted from the roots of these experiences in the hopes and determination of establishing a national and effective collaboration between existing efforts. SOS seeks to bring together student leaders across the U.S. and organize them in a more effective and synchronous nationwide network.

Our Structure

Students Organize for Syria is the only movement for Syria in the United States entirely led by students. We are run by a Board of Directors students who are responsible for coordinating with chapters and student leaders around the country to develop, manage, and promote campaigns and events in accordance with SOS’ mission.

The Board of Directors is a resource for the student leaders at campuses nationwide and is responsible for ensuring SOS’s existence as a national and unified movement. Together, with the leaders of each chapter, we are the student voice for Syria committed to standing with the Syrian people in their aspirations for freedom and liberty.