National Conference 2017 – Chicago

Thank you to those who attended Students Organize for Syria’s first-ever national conference on November 10-12, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois. Over the last six years, conferences dedicated to the Syrian crisis were catered to older audiences, and not directed to the young professionals, activists, and students.

As the pressure of bringing an end to the crisis begins to subside and the international community turns a blind eye, the responsibility of speaking out and standing up for Syria falls more into our hands. We must ensure that the next generation is ready for the responsibility. 

This conference featured many non-governmental organizations on the ground in Syria and in the U.S. A list of speakers and organizations is available below.


Kenan Rahmani

Shiyam Galyon

Chicagoans of the Year: Dr.’s Zaher Sahloul and John Kahler

Mariam Jalabi

Syrian Community Network

Karam Foundation

Syrian American Council

White Helmets

Omar Offendum

Amal Kassir

Marc Nelson