University of Pennsylvania

Penn for Syrian Refugees, which began in early 2014, is pleased to become the newest chapter of Students Organize for Syria. Prior to joining the national organization, Penn for Syrian Refugees has put on various events promoting the awareness of the Syrian humanitarian crisis. These included Syria Awareness Week, where we invited Dr. Monzer Yazji, who discussed problems facing the medical infrastructure in Syria. We have also invited Qusai Zakaria, who spoke on his personal experiences in the suburbs in Damascus and his subsequent political and humanitarian activism. The Awareness Week culminated in a fundraiser partnering with Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture. We are thrilled to be joining a national coalition working towards mobilizing support for the Syrian people.


Presidents: Aimee Knaus
External Committee: Hussam Salem and Omar Rizkallah
On-campus Committee: Amy Cass and Ghinwa Moujaes
Internal Committee: Cat Cleveland and Cora Neumann


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