I was first introduced to Students Organize for Syria from a student at Loyola University who supported her friends for starting this prestigious chapter. She knew I had a passion to speak up to free the Syrian people; a passion which grew throughout the last four years. As a Syrian, who was raised in a Syrian culture, I wanted to stand up for my people. Students Organize for Syria has the goals which made me want to start a chapter at DePaul University. I wanted to educate and raise awareness without bringing in political or religious views. And so it began.

Starting Students Organize for Syria at DePaul was an easy task to do. When I first posted about Students Organize for Syria on the DePaul class pages I got a lot of support from the students. A set of diverse students personally messaged me wanting to know more about the organization and were also interested in getting involved. With all the support I received, I was more encouraged to take a big step forward and make SOS official at DePaul. I started planning out events, and organized my thoughts on how to make SOS successful at DePaul, but I knew I could not do this alone.

There was one student who messaged me who I adored the most because of her enthusiasm for SOS, I wanted her to work with me to grow SOS on campus. After meeting with her for a cup of coffee, Mariam’s keenness for the Syrian people was phenomenal. Here is what she had to say about SOS:

“As a Palestinian American and VP of SOS, I fully believe Students Organize for Syria gives a voice to the many children and families who are muted among inequitable chaos, injustice, and international action. SOS sheds light on obligations we should all feel indebted to stand up for as human beings. In my eyes, it sparks hope for a freer tomorrow all around the globe. From Chicago to Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Africa.”

– Mariam Saleh, Vice President of Students Organize for Syria at DePaul

We are both hoping to make this year as exciting as possible. Our goal is spread awareness and educate our peers with the events we have planned for the upcoming year. Students Organize for Syria is revolutionary, and it feels great to be a part of this organization.

By: Stephanie Bittar, President of Students Organize for Syria at DePaul