Students Organize for Syria has been following the situation in Idlib closely. Since 2011, Syrians have witnessed the destruction of their country with world-famous cultural sites left unrecognizable after bombings and refugee camps sprung up to house those who lost their homes to conflict.

Once an exporter of olives and olive products with a vibrant community, Idlib is now the last rebel-held city in Syria. Internally displaced Syrians fleeing conflict came to the city to live in freedom. 

However, conditions continue to deteriorate due to attacks from Syrian and Russian forces. Hospitals, schools and stores have been the target of airstrikes. Nearly 2,000 Syrians have died since the offensive began last year.

According to the UN, nearly a million Syrians have been displaced over the last three months. More than 12 million Syrians have been displaced since the revolution in 2011. 

Russia and Turkey negotiated a ceasefire Friday, with Russia supporting Bashar al-Assad’s forces and Turkey supporting rebel forces. SOS supports the ceasefire and hopes that it protects Syrians who would otherwise be vulnerable to active fighting. 

As always, SOS stands in solidarity with the Syrian people and encourages activists and advocates to make the harsh reality of the Syrian people heard. The world can no longer stay quiet while blood and tears are shed in Idlib and other parts of Syria.