As the sixth year of the Syrian Revolution nears an end, many are wondering what they could do to help alleviate the crisis. After years of devastation and over 500,000 deaths, how can the country recover from the emotional and physical destruction of this war?

Despite the heartache, the Syrian people have remained resilient; and it is through their resilience that we continue to fight for justice. It is through their resilience that we call upon people to help build the bridge to Syria’s future.

Join us on November 10-12 at Loyola University Chicago for the first SOS National Conference to learn about how you can help be a part of Syria’s future. As youth, we often look at the situation in Syria as being out of our control, a conflict that is seemingly unresolvable. While none of us can reverse the damage that has happened in Syria,we can come together as students and help move the country forward. This conference will give you the chance to see how you can utilize your skills to assist the Syrian people.

SOS’s conference features renowned speakers; such as Kenan Rahmani, Dr. Zaher Sahloul, the White Helmets, as well as many more. By coming to the conference, you will have the opportunity to educate yourself on the Syrian crisis while networking with like-minded students from across the country.

We hope to see you at this conference as we all learn how to build the bridge to Syria’s future.

Register here today.

In solidarity,

SOS Loyola Board