Students Organize for Syria mourns the deaths of Syrian refugees who have died while traveling to Europe to secure a safer future for their families, and welcomes the decisions by many countries to accept more refugees. Students Organize for Syria is also grateful to the thousands of Europeans and Americans who organized rallies and stood in solidarity with the Syrian refugees. Several SOS chapters participated in these rallies.

SOS also urges policymakers to demonstrate renewed commitment to ending the crisis which has resulted in the displacement of over 11 million people and the death of at least 250,000.

“We join refugee agencies across the country calling on President Obama to accept 100,000 Syrian refugees into the United States in the next year. These are families no different than American families, except that they have faced unimaginable suffering, mostly due to the Syrian government’s relentless indiscriminate bombing of civilian areas,” said SOS’s outreach manager Sarah Yazji, a student at Yale University. “World leaders must stop the refugee exodus by stopping the aerial bombardment by whatever means necessary.”

SOS will support incoming Syrian refugees through various projects but also continues to demand that the UN and member states provide Syrian civilians with protection so that Syrians can stay in their homes.