Eastern Michigan University

Michigan is one of the largest gathering of Syrians in the US, the SOS chapter at Eastern Michigan University is the first in the state!

A son of Homs, Amer Ghali, shared the idea of founding a chapter with his friends on campus in November 2014. Two months later, SOS became an officially recognized student organization by EMU. Now, as a group of dedicated and driven students SOS will organize events and activities on EMU’s campus to raise awareness and advocacy about Syria and its people.


  • Ahnas Alzahabi

  • President

 Ahnas Alzahabi is a senior pursuing an undergraduate degree in Business Administration. Born and raised in Ann Arbor, MI. Ahnas spent his high school years in Damascus, Syria. His tenure in the Syrian capital would change his life forever and deeply synchronize him with his Syrian roots. Playing volleyball, swimming, and socializing with friends are some of his favorite activities.

  • Amer Ghali

  • Vice President

 Amer Ghali Born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Amer Ghali has often found his main source of academic and social inspiration from his religious community. Attending a private Islamic school until 9th grade then transferring to Eastern Michigan University’s early college program has effectively allowed him access to a wide variety of environments and work settings. His frequent visits to Homs have also been the main source of his learning of the Arabic language. Upon graduation from high school, he hopes to pursue a career in medicine for the sake of aiding Syria’s injured. His interests include comparative studies of Ba’thism and contemporary democracy, volleyball, and the Japanese language. 

  • Noor Ghali

  • Secretary

Noor Ghali was born and raised in Ann Arbor, MI, but her heart resides in Homs, Syria. She is a sophomore at Eastern Michigan University, and is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry (pre-med) and a minor in Spanish. She has dedicated the rest of her life to easing the pain of those suffering all over the world through humanitarian relief projects. Her interests include international politics and cooking.

  • Abdullah Ali

  • Treasurer

Abdullah Ali is a junior pursuing an undergraduate degree in Computer Science. Born in Canada, he resided in Lebanon until September of 2014. Living in Lebanon, through the multiple crises, he saw how conflict affected society. Awareness is something he notices is missing with the Syrian crisis, he’s interested in the efforts to that change that. 


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