Students Organize for Syria invites your school to join us in solidarity with the Syrian people on the 5th Anniversary of the Syrian Revolution! On March 15th, 2011 the Syrians stood up to demand their civil rights and freedom in non-violent protests. The Assad regime responded to the people’s request for reform with one of the most violent crackdowns in history, resulting in the biggest humanitarian emergency of our era. Despite the regime’s tactics, the Syrian people continue to protest and demand social justice, paying the ultimate price for their human right to freedom.

During the week of March 13-March 19, campuses throughout the country will be organizing events in solidarity with Syria. Make your university one of them! Syria Solidarity Week is our chance as students to remember the roots of the Syrian Revolution and honor the Syrian people’s struggle for life, liberty, and dignity. The way your campus chooses to do so is completely up to you.


Join us for the 3rd annual nationwide Syria Solidarity Week. 


Step 1: Sign up to host #SSW2016 At your university by filling out this form.

Step 2: Organize Syria Solidarity Week at your university using the resources in the start-up kit.

Step 3: Tell Us About Your #SSW2016: Fill out this form and we’ll feature your plans with our followers on the nationwide Facebook event.

Step 4: Host Your Events! Make sure to take plenty of pictures and video to document your efforts.

Step 5: Submit your pictures/videos. We would love to compile albums and videos of all the hard work of students at universities nationwide.

Step 6: Enjoyed working with us? It doesn’t have to stop here, sign up to form your own chapter of SOS. We’ll help you through the whole process to make it as smooth and efficient as possible.



#SSW2016 runs officially from Sunday, March 13th, to Saturday, March 19th. However, we realize many universities may be on break during this time. If your university’s schedule conflicts with the official dates, you can choose to hold SSW either the preceding or following week.

We would like to remind you to please update the National SOS Board of Directors on your plans for SSW by filling out the appropriate forms above and contacting us at An integral part of this campaign is uniting our efforts and bringing Syria into the minds and hearts of as many people across the country.