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Save Our Syrian Freedom (SOS Freedom) was founded in August 2012 by Arizona State University (ASU) freshman Zana Alattar, a little over a year after the onset of the Syrian Revolution. As a student organization at ASU, SOS Freedom was formed with the purpose of raising awareness of the Syrian Revolution for freedom and raising money for humanitarian aid in Syria and neighboring refugee camps.

In the 2.5 years since its foundation, SOS freedom has brought honored speakers from all over the United States and Syria to Arizona, held advocacy and awareness events on ASU’s campus, and participated in local, national, and virtual campaigns and projects with other organizations. In the humanitarian realm, SOS Freedom has worked with numerous NGOs and non-profits, such as the Syrian American Medical Society, NuDay Syria, Syrian Orphans Org, and Karam foundation. SOS Freedom was also able to organize its own humanitarian relief work on the Turkish-Syrian border when Zana Alattar traveled there on two occasions. You can learn more about the original SOS Freedom here.

The success of this student organization has allowed for growth and an impactful future. In September 2014, SOS Freedom became the platform for the national student led initiative for Syria as president Zana Alattar brought what was done at ASU to the national level as the new organization: Students Organize for Syria (SOS). In January 2015, SOS Freedom re-branded and became Students Organize for Syria at ASU (SOS at ASU).


      • President: Zana Alattar
      • Vice President: Hashem Lababidi
      • Secretary: Samar El-Sharkawy
      • Publicist: Tej Hendel
      • Treasurer: Troy Hurley


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