Meet the Team with all kinds of great personalities

Rajaa Shoukfeh
Student Director
Rajaa Shoukfeh is a graduate in Nutrition and Food Sciences from Wayne State University. As a Syrian American, Rajaa has closely followed the events in her home country unravel over the past few years and has been actively involved with organizations in the Detroit area to raise awareness about the humanitarian crisis transpiring in Syria. She has worked with refugees both locally and abroad – from tutoring resettled refugees in Michigan, to volunteering on a medical mission trip in Zaatari camp. Rajaa is inspired by the unwavering tenacity and perseverance of the Syrian people, and hopes to continue to amplify their narratives so they are not forgotten.
Amar Shabeeb
Operations Manager
Amar is a student at Northwestern University with a double major in Journalism and Political Science. After college, she hopes to pursue a career in law. She cares deeply about human rights issues, ranging from reproductive rights to persisting racial inequality. As a Syrian American, she became invested in the conflict at a young age. She strives to shed light on lost narratives in conflict and amplify the voices of the oppressed through her work. Outside of SOS, Amar is involved in Northwestern University Community for Human Rights, Al Bayan Magazine, and serves as a student ambassador for Northwestern's Global Learning Office.
Mariam ElSafty
National Outreach Manager
Mariam ElSafty is a graduate in Biology and Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience from the University of Florida. Mariam plans to pursue a career in medicine and hopes to work toward achieving health equity both globally and in her local community. Mariam has been involved with SOS since her freshman year and previously served as president of her university’s chapter. Mariam is motivated by the resiliency of the Syrian people and is deeply passionate about the solidarity work SOS does. She admires its unique platform as an entirely student-led organization dedicated to advocating for the Syrian cause.
Venus Eltaki
Communications Coordinator
Venus Eltaki is a second-generation Syrian American and graduate in Sociology from the University of California - Los Angeles. She began working with the local refugee population when L.A.’s neighboring county, San Diego, received hundreds of Syrian refugees, more than any other county in the United States. This inspired her to start a SOS chapter at UCLA and mobilize like-minded peers in an effort to welcome and provide aid to refugees in the area, as well as change the discourse surrounding Syria on campus. She’s passionate about all forms of social justice and hopes to continue to advocate for Syria with the rest of the SOS team.
Nawal Dairi
Midwestern/Western Regional Coordinator
Nawal Dairi is a student at Loyola University Chicago pursuing a degree in biology. A daughter to Syrian immigrants from the cradle of the revolution, Daraa, Nawal has worked to call attention to the Syrian cause from a young age. She has educated her community by leading fundraising efforts and writing journalistic pieces on the struggle of the Syrian people. She carries her passion for social justice in every aspect of her life. Through her role on the national board of SOS, she aims to facilitate communication across all chapters for a more collaborative effort for the Syrian cause.
Sumaya Daghestani
Northeastern/Southern Regional Coordinator
Sumaya Daghestani is a student at the University of Texas at Austin majoring in International Relations and Global Studies and Plan II. She has been heavily involved with Syria-related work over the past few years. She has hosted interfaith vigils, organized humanitarian drives, and mentored refugees resettled in Austin. Sumaya spent a summer on the island of Chios, Greece as a volunteer for the Chios Eastern Shore Response Team, working with a multitude of international refugees. She's also worked with refugees on the Mexico-US border. Currently, she is a fellow at Americans for Free Syria. Sumaya hopes to attend law school after graduation to pursue a career in International Human Rights Law. She is fluent in Arabic and Spanish.
Yasser Almansour
Financial Coordinator
Yasser Almansour is a student at the University of Michigan studying Biomolecular Sciences and minoring in Business. He wishes to pursue a career in medicine and is greatly inspired by his local Syrian refugee community to advocate for equality in healthcare. As a Syrian American from Hama, Yasser's passion to educate others about the Syrian cause comes from a very personal place. As a part of [Re]vive, a student-led university initiative, Yasser has administered professional development workshops to different refugee communities in an effort to break barriers to higher education. He is excited to see the amazing thing that National SOS can contribute to the Syrian cause.
Grethel Aguila
Policy/Education Coordinator
Grethel Aguila is a student at the University of Florida majoring in Arabic and Journalism. Passionate about the Middle East and North Africa, she joined SOS when she entered UF. She serves as president for the UF chapter, works with Syrian refugees through the UF SOS Mentorship program, and was formerly Secretary and Historian/Graphic Designer. She empathizes with the Syrian cause because of her family history of migration. She has worked tirelessly to bring speakers to campus to humanize the Syrian conflict for students with no connection to Syria or the Arab World. Through national SOS, she hopes to empower chapters to educate the public about what’s going on inside Syria because there are still battles, millions of displaced people surviving day-to-day life in the country, and millions of refugees in Turkey, Europe, and the U.S.
Serene Hadaya
Organizational Liasion
Serene Hadaya is a student at UCLA majoring in biology with a minor in Arabic and Islamic Studies. She plans to pursue a career in medicine and attend medical school in the fall. Serene has been involved with Students Organize for Syria for the past two years, serving as president of UCLA’s chapter. Serene is passionate about working with the local refugee community and has volunteered with Tiyya Foundation, Paper Airplanes, and local SOS chapters for the past few years to help offer ESL tutoring and emotional support to those who may seek these forms of assistance. As a Syrian American, she hopes to further develop her relationship with the local refugee community as well as keep the discourse alive regarding the situation in Syria. She is excited to continue working with SOS for her third year in a row, as she considers her experience with the organization to have been life-changing.