Students Organize for Syria (SOS), the national student-led initiative for Syria, remembers the victims of the Armenian genocide, marking the 100th anniversary of the mass atrocities which resulted in the deaths of 1.5 million Armenians.

SOS reiterates its opposition to genocide-denial, and also applauds the recognition of the Armenian genocide by Germany, which joined over 20 countries that have recognized this horrific chapter of history.

“We believe a major reason why genocide continues today is because we do not recognize the past and learn from it. We stand in solidarity with not only the Armenian people, but also the victims of all atrocities throughout history,” said Zana Alattar, the Student Director of SOS.

Ms. Alattar also condemned the world’s inaction in Syria: “As we speak, the Syrian people are being barrel bombed, systematically executed, starved to death, tortured, and gassed by the Syrian government. They also face atrocities at the hands of terrorist groups such as ISIS and Hezbollah, among other groups. The difference between this and the atrocities of the past 100 years is the whole world knows exactly what is going on in Syria. Even as videos are uploaded daily of civilians being massacred, mostly by the Assad regime, the world’s leaders continue to watch as genocide unfolds.”

SOS also reaffirms its gratitude to Turkey for accepting nearly 2 million Syrian refugees, and for supporting the Syrian people in their struggle for human rights against a brutal dictatorship. However, SOS calls upon all world leaders and human rights organizations to recognize history’s first modern genocide, and to start the process of reconciliation between the Turkish and Armenian people.